Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel

Developing a twelve-fold autobiographical vision in light of Human Design, Truth of Self, Life and Others!

Original publishing start date: Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter – “god of expansion, generosity, … philosophy, belief systems, higher learning, principles, ethics, morals, the law, … social learning through story telling, teaching … “[1]; also known as “the general” and “the functional ability to expand and increase the scope of an individual’s power and authority”. Therefore I deem today to be the perfect right day for the subject matter of this blog post.

I’m inspired (as of late this past afternoon) to begin a biographical accounting in several major areas of my life. The initial idea was to create a separate biography at each of my twelve blogs[2]. (I’m impressed with Steiner’s thinking for developing twelve perspectives[27] on a conception of the world and I can also imagine possibly including seven modes within each of the twelve for a grand total of eighty-four perspectives!)

July 25, 2015 –

I’m realizing now that I find a deeper sense of my biography when viewed from an astrological perspective. Also that biography for me is not only the “historical” but the current process of living as well. Writing that may be a type of journal – an accounting of one’s navigation by both sun light and “star light”.

Today is day one of Venus retrograde!

“With Venus Retrograde, it’s all about how you invest: your time, your money, your creative pulse, your affections, your recreations. …

Although Venus begins her retrograde Saturday July 25th at 0 degrees of Virgo, the majority of her 6 week cycles will be in Leo, and this costume of Aphrodite needs to be adored as numero uno. …”[3]

0 degrees of Virgo gives the following Sabian Symbol that I include in my characterization of this Venus retrograde:

“Scene Eleven: Characterization –
by Dane Rudhyar

(Virgo 1° to Virgo 15°)

First Level: Actional

Phase 151 (Virgo 1°): In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized.

Keynote: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation. (An ideal influence for a retrograde!)

During the two preceding Scenes the ‘feel’ of energy at work has been the dominant feature of a consciousness still strongly ego-centered yet at times eagerly and devotionally reaching up to a realization of divine or cosmic order. Now we have come in the seasonal cycle of the year to the sign Virgo. It is in a sense the symbol of harvesting, but it is also that of the Path of discipleship, and of all strongly determined processes of training, or retraining. Flooded with and having enjoyed and released energy, the personalized consciousness now has to learn the lesson of significant form. It must be able to see life situations as wholes of experience, and to discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features.

This is the first stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of symbols and its Keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied in discrimination is both analysis and intuition. The mind separates and identifies — and unfortunately often exaggerates — what makes a person or a situation different from another; but the intuitive responses of the whole person to what confronts him or her is also essential, for what matters is not only my or your ‘difference,’ but the place and function this difference occupies in the organic pattern of the evolution of ‘humanity as a whole,’ i.e. of Man.[4]

July 28, 2015 –

Just read today’s “Thought for the day”[5] (from the online group “Prosveta S.A.” that is “dedicated to the publication, distribution and spreading of the teaching of Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986).”[6]) that conveys a most profound message of an ideal relationship with/in nature!

I am quickly reminded of my beloved paternal German grandfather who was born in, raised up in rural Germany a century ago. I wish to positively identify the village (made note to do that). I want to identify the forest that he was closest to. The “Thought for the day” message inspires me to discover this now. In any case my grandfather and grandmother were members of a German club in Chicago that was named after the “Böhmerwald”[7] in Germany. I note that here because the annual “German dance” and festive gathering of the club (on or about Valentine’s Day) played a significant role throughout my childhood. I attended this event every year it existed since the mid-50s and 60s. It gave me my most fulfilling immersion into an authentic German culture that had been transplanted to Chicago fairly early in the 1900s.

This is a significant part of my biography! Although my father was born in the u. s. of A. his first language was German! (English became his second language.) My father’s early childhood diet was largely German foods (prepared by his excellent German chef-mother! ; ~ ) I believe his first “religion” was German Lutheran as that was my grandmother’s religion. (My grandfather had Catholicism.[8])

July 29, 2015 –

The film: “2001 A Space Odyssey” had a significant impact on me when I first viewed in the late 60s. I’m glad to now read about it in a scholarly thesis that says: “The overall theme of the movie appears to be man’s exploration and ascent to something higher.” The “ascent to something higher” theme is one that I had begun to identify in another previous blog.[9]

… Dave’s transportation through the tunnel of colors and light leaves the viewer utterly lost. Much like Dave, the movie watcher is being taken into the unknown. As Dave experience a rebirth, the viewer does as well.”[10]

I had previously blogged at least a mention of this film over a year ago and hinted at its impact on me as of my experience of it.[11]

“Next stage in human evolution: the Star Child”[12]

The Following Thursday, July 30, 2015 –

“Dialogue and reflection are the essentials of autobiography.

Autobiography is a process of reflection that reveals self-as-object through reflective self-representations. … to look (back) to lived experiences–to capture autobiography. … This interpretation considers autobiography as a two-step process. The first step requires the reflection of experiences once lived in order to grasp their meaning. The second step involves the presentation of the experiences and then interpretation — experiences as they appear now.

Thus, the autobiography barely recaptures the past–or even records it. It records the present understanding of the story teller and presents it in the context of that situation.”[13]

From new inspiration to look more deeply into the process of autobiography I’ve just discovered “currere”. I now find more meaning for entering autobiography simultaneously as part the path of transformation and as a teacher. I also feel blessed in realizing that this understanding of both autobiography and the currere “method” fits very well with my particular Human Design configuration as it requires the quality of self-reflection that I see with currere.

The following quote may appear a bit “heady” for some (and maybe I can simplify that soon) however I hope it offers a helpful point to consider in this way.

“… William Pinar … suggests that the term currere indicates a framework for autobiographical reflection on educational experiences from a subjective and narrative perspective. He describes currere: The method of currere—… this autobiographical method asks us to slow down, to remember even re-enter the past, and to meditatively imagine the future. Then, slowly and in one’s own terms, one analyzes one’s experience of the past and fantasies of the future in order to understand more fully, with more complexity and subtlety, one’s submergence in the present. The method of currere is not a matter of psychic survival, but one of subjective risk and social reconstruction, the achievement of selfhood and society in the age to come (Pinar, 2004, 4.)”[14]

“People are continuously learning and always in the ‘process of becoming’ which stems from Bill Pinar’s Method of Currere.”[15]

(Christmas ’15 – I underscore this again. The Human “Being” is one expression of our wholeness. We are also Human Becomings”)

August 11th –

“… in 1966, … a new spirit of change and liberation, particularly in our attitude to the biosphere, occurred. To many it felt that, despite the awesome Sword of Damocles represented by MAD (the nuclear doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction that constantly hung over our heads at the time), a new consciousness was dawning, that anything was possible. But … the initially innocent and vigorous ‘counter-culture’ of ‘the flower children’ was within three years largely overwhelmed by the unholy trinity of ‘sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll'”.[16]

“… in the time of Christ the Celtic Initiates were able to ‘witness’ metaphysically the mystery of Golgotha (according to Rudolf Steiner). One of the brightest pages in the Book of the Living of the Irish people was the Golden Age of the sixth century:

‘It is recorded “that from the sixth to the tenth century while the peoples of Europe were torn asunder by internal struggles and racial wars, Ireland, and Ireland alone of all the nations, kept the light of faith and knowledge alight and burning with a brightness which diffused its rays far beyond the shores of Erin”‘…”[17]

My maternal grandfather claimed to be from Irish descent, however years later my uncle said it’s Walsh. In any case keeping “the light of faith and knowledge alight” feels good to me! ; ~ )

“… the instinct for truth in human nature”[18]

August 16th –

My biography is one of truth regarding the new nature of self, life and others and as such requires an all-inclusive paradigm to do it “justice”. Stating this in terms of “justice” is actually serendipitous to my Mayan astrological sign which I refer to (following) along with a dozen other astrological systems that I feel are required to “outline” the “all-inclusive paradigm”.

According to the Mayan Sun Signs I was born a ‘Monkey’.:

“Monkey takes ideas as threads of vines and weaves them into the fabric of our reality. New patterns or inventions are also woven into our lives by Monkey. … Monkey’s innocent curiosity leads to artistic expression and constructive solutions. …”

Also included with my “Day Sign” is the “Galactic Tone” – numerical value of eight. “…Eight is the power of organization demonstrated in the statement, ‘As above, so below’. From simplicity to infinity, the energy of eight organizes all levels of creation.”[19]

Also it is most interesting to me that my ‘Trenca Sign’ is “Seed”! I have known a deep mystical connection with seed since forty-five years ago that was somewhat ‘unexplainable’ to me that is now validating for me to see in the Mayan paradigm!

You may like to know that “Your higher self chooses your sign before you are born in to this world. You take into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your ‘Day Sign’ provides you with your life mission that includes your strong and weak aspects. You forget all of this information the minute you are born, however. This sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.”[20]

Also at MyMayanSign I appreciate:

“…Being an artist and artisan from birth, the monkey symbolizes the child within us. This child should be given permission to paint the walls of the house or play the violin in a free way or do anything artistic and creative it wants to do. If you are someone that is born under the Monkey Sign, you should give permission to the child within you to play and creatively express itself. That is, if you wish to grow and be free. … When your creative channel is open, you can be very beneficial to self and community with your practical mind.”

August 17th –

According to the indications that I’m working with in “The Book of Houses” I’ve just ended my “Harvest Month” several days ago. I’m now in my 11th House of “Choosing Seeds” which naturally follows times of harvest. I had made an intention to make a conscious accounting of my harvest and elsewhere noted that of all the “goals” I had set for my self a year ago – none of them came into fruition in this cycle. As I write this now (11:22 AM, PST) I think the goals simply need more time. My goals included substantial objectives that involve other individuals. in any case – during my most recent contemplation of a quarter our ago I realized that I received a tremendous harvest this year! I have an abundance of real peace! I realized in my contemplation that peace is all I really want! I had been faithfully tending my inner “garden” throughout this past year, paying attention to what “seed” thoughts were there and weeding out every “tare” to the best of my ability and the result of all my labor is that I have real peace residing in me that is part of me now! Once again, It’s all I really want! ; ~ )

October 11th –

Re: “Truth of Life” –

As I mentioned in my abstract for this blog post my vision for an autobiographical account consists of “Truth of Self, Life and Others” largely in light of my Human Design. In this blog post I also mentioned how dyads could be used for autobiographical purposes and how attractive that approach is for me since I’m an avid dyad enthusiast.
In the traditional Enlightenment Intensive (EI) series every individual begins with “Tell me who you are” and most probably can take on: “Tell me what you are” as of their second intensive. After that there may be an option to have: “Tell me what Life is”. The fourth traditional EI contemplation directive is “Tell me what another is”. If I could record my dyads in an EI then doing a complete series could give considerable material from which to develop an autobiographical presentation. However that is a mighty big “if”! Most likely not going to happen in a genuine EI. It is better for me to think in terms of an independent dyad session for this project.

I just referred to the Enlightenment Manual[21] and after calculating the total hours in dyads for a single EI I figured that an individual doing an autobiographical dyad series (ADS) on a once/week basis would possibly need to allow a full year to cover all four of the EI contemplative directives as mentioned above. I’m not suggesting that the ADS program would take the place of or serve the same purpose of an EI. ADS is simply my vision and serves a significantly different purpose than the traditional EI. It Actually would be an experiment, one that I would gladly conduct!

Therefor I’m attracted to this experiment. I’m especially attracted to the “truth of life” contemplation!

Omraam says “In the psychic and spiritual realms, we become more and more alive when we let go of the lower expressions of life.”[22]

Contemplation within dyads on “… what life is” can be a most effective way to let go of the lower expressions of life as one intends to join with the living truth of what life is!

Oct. 13th –

Mikhael goes to India – 1959, Part 1/7 –

“… A memorable meeting was with Neemkaroli Baba. …

It was Neemkaroli who acknowledged Aïvanhov’s mastership by bestowing on him the honorific name Omraam. This name is made up of two famous Sanskrit mantras or words of power, om and ram. … The syllable ram, which was rendered as ‘Raam’ in French to assist with the correct pronunciation, is the mantra denoting the fire element. …

Aïvanhov explained his initiatic name as follows:

‘The name I was given in India, OMRAAM, corresponds to the two processes of ‘Solve’ and ‘Coagula’: OM dissolves all things, rendering them subtle and fine, and RAAM materializes them. The name OMRAAM is the symbol of the process of concretization, the invisible, intangible idea that must incarnate on earth so that it can be seen and touched by the whole world.'”[23]

In the early 80s I participated in a training hat included receiving a spiritual name: Ramjah! I now recognize the materializing, concretization correspondence of ‘Coagula’ in Ram that is part of my spiritual nature!

November 2nd –

If you are in a “5” Personal Year (as I am), November is a 7 Personal Month for you:

The best way to approach this month is to set aside some alone time to do a little soul searching. You may even find that you have more leisure time on your hands this month to do exactly that.

You have been on a fast and furious pace all year but this month brings you a considerably different opportunity. Set aside your career and relationships for a bit and concentrate on listening to your inner self. You are particularly insightful this month and perhaps living just a little too much in your head but this is precisely what you need to do. Take stock of your life and where you are headed.

You may also find yourself drawn to the spiritual and certainly there will be spiritual growth this month as well as vivid dreams and messages from above. If you are open to it. this would be a good time to get a reading to explore that side of you.

Take time to rest, relax, read a good book or go for a long walk. Reconnect with your thoughts, pay attention and listen to what your soul is trying to tell you.

No need to worry about your career as by next month, you will return to it and all the other aspects of your life but the work you do this month will help you gain perspective and balance and a clearer sense of self.

Keywords: Slower paced, introspective, insightful

Nov. 16th –

Inspired to search more insight re: my Fifth Astrological House that “has to do with creativity … self-expression …. our originality and flair, enthusiasm … pride in ourselves, building confidence and self-esteem …the life area of personal sovereignty, where we begin to recognise and appreciate our own dynamic and playful nature. All forms of creative expression … are connected with this house.”

and I have “Aquarius on the 5th House Cusp Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian goals and altruism. Always impartial and nonsectarian, Aquarian energy is communal (even global). The focus is on the goal, and the goal is always one that is for the many and not the few. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions, world views and group work of all kinds. …”[24]

I see the “far-seeing visions” (and the rest of my highest ideals) converging in Cheeta.[25]

December 13th –

Continued with my astrological research for greater self-understanding about a couple things including my IC (Imum Coeli – on an axis with Midheaven) that is ruled by Capricorn indicating that I want security and safety in my home and family life to which I concur! Then I discovered a little list prioritizing “most to least likely to try to see only the best in people.” The top two signs are Cancer followed by Libra which I felt happy about as I have Cancer Moon at Midheaven and Libra Sun at my Ascendant! However down at the bottom of the list where it is least likely to “try to see only the best in people” is Virgo and there I shrieked some as my Venus is in Virgo and my Sun is actually on the Virgo/Libra cusp! I certainly do try to see only the best in others and I admit it most certainly has been challenging at times! Fortunately I have “The Human Design System”, “Love Cards” “Destiny Cards”, “The Secret Language of Destiny” and several other astrological systems that I use to get a deeper understanding of people and guess what? … they all work together to give me that understanding that I need to help me accept the differences in values (Venus) that I see with others through my Virgo eyes!

Dec. 14th –

Just received a gift of info after subscribing to an astrological site where I had essentially gifted a lady from Chicago who posted her natal data seeking a reading. I offered a brief yet key intro to her Human Design. My “gift” is the following:

“Chiron in the 3rd house: This shows your deepest wound residing in communication. This could mean constant feelings of being misunderstood or not being listened to. It can also show unintentional or intentional insults in childhood that have left you with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. … You are an advocate for those who are not heard. … The goal of Chiron here is to show you that your words are important and you are worthy of attention. You can admit your mistakes and praise your accomplishments without feeling guilty. Realizing your divine being can help you gain confidence in yourself. When you learn to speak without need to be heard, but instead just being able to express yourself, and knowing that it is valid and important, then you will have healed your deepest wound.”

The degree of my Chiron is in Sagittarius where it corresponds to Ajna Gate 11 at Line 5. And the Sabian Symbol for this position is healing in itself!:

“Sagittarius 28°): An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream Is Still In Constant Use.

KEYNOTE: The enduring elements in a society which reveal its ability to significantly link the genius of its individuals to the everyday needs of the collectivity.

This symbol brings together, as it were, the essential values implied in the two preceding ones. The mastery over material factors of a few imaginative and trained individuals enables their community to remain well-integrated and able to function easily in the best possible environment. The work of these sculptor-engineers allows their people to develop a relatively permanent culture. A tradition is built which enables men to link their outer nature with the highest vision their leaders can conceive and objectively demonstrate.

This third symbol of the fifty-fourth sequence also suggests the way in which the works of man can blend harmoniously with natural environment in producing beautiful and enduring shapes of profound meaning. Reacting against the ugliness of our commercial and chaotic cities and highways, today we tend to long for “wilderness.” But the combination of natural beauty and human skill and imagination is the true ideal to strive for. As Keywords we might use the title of an excellent book by the architect Claude Bragdon: The Beautify Necessity.”[26]

Cheeta embraces “the combination of natural beauty and human skill and imagination (a)s the true ideal to strive for”.

December 18th –

One of my twelve auto-biographical perspectives is the evolutionary journey that I took with music – starting in the 50s and continuing through the 70s. The music of the 50s is important as a kind of “back drop” for what emerged in the 60s. And the music of the early 60s is a kind of bridge to the mid and late 60s. In all there’s about a twenty-year span that from my perspective deserves to presented as a whole continuum.

If you are aware of the “evolutionary” perspective of this generation of music then you know that the entrance of the music of Led Zepplin onto the world stage made a certain “contribution” that possibly has not yet been fully identified. Maybe the interview with Robert Plant begins to identify the contribution.

Robert Plant: “We were part of a huge youth movement that was going to change the world.”

Reporter: “So it was the right time for LED Zeppelin.”

Robert: “It was the right time for us all,”.

And this is the line that resonates the most. This is the takeaway line:

“Being a contributor in any form was way more important than being a hero.” — Robert Plant[28]

Glad I listened to the interview! Here’s one comment that begins to touch upon the “contribution” that stands out as the greater highlight from all of this.:

“There was magic in their music and it’s captured for all to enjoy. You can’t duplicate that in my humble opinion.”[29]

That their music had magic is a good place to start in the contemplation as to what was contributed. I’m now reminded of “Cosmos and Psyche” and will check to see what Richard Tarnas mentions of Led Zepplin (LZ).

Another comment by “3434arc1”:
“… I still love The Beatles, Stones, Who, Floyd, and a few others, but Led Zeppelin truly had a magic about them that set them apart.”

Update on “Cosmos and Psyche” – LZ is mentioned twice in a larger context along with all the new music greats of 1968-69 coinciding with a “triple conjunction of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in 1968-69” … “the cllmax[47] of the classical era of rock” a statement that I more than “agree with” for I had actually “lived it”! This “living it” is a certain “cllmax”[47] of my autobiography from the musical perspective.

December 20th –

As mentioned at the start of this blog – I intend to develop twelve distinct autobiographical perspectives. I’ve just previously noted one here as Music. Others include Family, Communication, “Christian”, Education, Health, Community, Spiritual, Esoteric, Healing, Dance and Ancestors & Descendants.[30]

Dec. 23rd –

Many of the postings here are essentially notes for my further development in the autobiography. I count the following quote as seminal for the spiritual perspective.

“When soul and spirit unite, they bring into the world a seed which grows into a new consciousness.”[31]

I have memories of longing for this union as of the Summer of 1970. In August I had an acute spiritual emergency.

Christmas Day –

With the “Christian” perspective of the twelve-fold autobiography I wish to identify the “sacred seed” of “Heaven” that was included.

Just discovered (in search re: “Triple Conjunction” 1968) –
“Lifespans of the ‘Club of 27’ –
Jimi Hendrix (Nov 27, 1942 – Sep 18, 1970) UR +6º, NE -3º
Brian Jones (Feb 28, 1942 – Jul 3, 1969) UR + 4º, NE – 3º
Janis Joplin (Jan 19, 1943 – Oct 4, 1970) UR +8º, NE -3º
Jim Morrison (Dec 8, 1943 – Jul 3, 1970) UR +3º, NE -3º”[34]

[Reviewing this on July 13th, 2016 – 27 is 3 9-yr cycles]

During the month of August right in between the “crossings of the threshold” by Jim Morrison on Jul 3, 1970 and Jimi Hendrix on Sep 18, 1970 is when I had my “spiritual emergency”! That event was a kind of convergence of about seven of the twelve perspectives that I have named above. (8:44PM)

For the autobiographical “Music Perspective”:
“Got Cream? – Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton –
Possibly the start of a chapter in my ‘book of life’ leading up to my T.O.M.M.Y. Transformation of My Mythological Youth.”[33]
(9:15 PM)

“That big Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of the late sixties, fell on (Hendrix’s) Neptune. That was a generational experience, concerning that flower-power Generation, they were born with Neptune right there: for a while, they could be part of it.”[34] (9:32 PM)

Skyscript author Nick Kollerstrom continues: “Jimi’s chart, more than any other you will ever see, expresses the essence of funky rhythm. It’s all trines and sextiles! This guy just had to sing, the tunes had to come tumbling out of him. All five ‘club of 27’ members (Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain) have in common an almost total absence of squares in their chart, plus a massive excess of trines and sextiles.”[34]

I have twelve “squares” in my chart! Five of these are with my natal moon. It can give you an idea of how attracted I was to the music of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and how I love to dance! Dancing opened a greatly needed liberating portal for me and especially for my soul survival!

Dec, 31st (@ 11:22 PM) –

Re-searching the astroids including Ceres plus aspects and got mine: “Ceres conjunct North Node: These natives have far-reaching aspirations for comfort, relaxing and joyfulness”[35]

January 1st, 2016 –
Note for the “Music Perspective”:

The WHO’s double album: TOMMY was a major contribution among my many music influences that often included a matrix of music and message expressed in words, images and a third factor that I’ll refer to as inner resonance. I suspect that the impact of these musical contributions at least touched upon significant Gene Keys in my Holographic Profile. This past day I recalled this line.:

“… If I told you what it takes
to reach the highest high,
You’d laugh and say ‘nothing’s that simple’
But you’ve been told many times before
Messiahs pointed to the door
And no one had the guts to leave the temple!”[36]

“Highest high” could easily be thought of as the Siddhi frequencies in the Gene Keys. However in 1969 neither I nor anyone among my friends had even heard the word Siddhi nor were we on any kind of a dedicated path leading to higher consciousness. Nevertheless certain music (such as Tommy) “sparked” deep within me, igniting my inner being beyond the everyday “reality”.

(August 30, 2016 My “Tommy” chapter would be elaborated upon in a number of ways including within the context of the “drug culture” at that time. I would fly disclose my personal experience in my private publishing of this biography in response to the following:

“People with such a placement (natal Uranus in the first astrological house) should be very careful with drugs, alcohol and any substance that can furthermore blur his already liquid reality. Neptune himself is creating a personality that is stepping with only one leg to the ground, so misuse of substances might totally disconnect someone from the common reality. If Neptune is only positively aspected and shielded by strong planets, then experimenting will not harm the native but rather enhance his ability of understanding the thin web of how the universe functions. Nevertheless, any usage should be under control and he should never allow himself get hooked on any kind of dependant substance. Individuals that have adverse aspects from Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus should not even try to experiment. They are very prone to substance abuse, and such kind of behaviors might awaken/create mental illnesses and psychological problems.[66]

More regarding Neptune in the 1st – “Music is extremely important, as long as anything artistic. Neptune in the first house does not grant some artistic ability by himself; he creates the appreciator of other’s art. People with such a placement can become great art critics. [67])

Just attempted to post the following comment however it requires a Facebook account and I no longer have anything to do with that.

I deeply appreciate both this presentation and the personal disclosures in the comments. I am all the more grateful now having survived the “drug culture” I was submerged in during the late 60’s (and then again in the 80s)! Especially seeing the additional vulnerabilities now with my 1st house Neptune square Midheaven Moon and Uranus! I find the thought of it now ping-ponging between frightful and insane on the spectrum of personal risk-taking. And yet I do remember the “quest” that I was on – at least with some of those trips. No doubt in my mind Higher Intelligence had definitely overshadowed me!

Jan 3rd, 2016 –

Note for the “Family Perspective” –

I was raised to be my father’s “little man”. It was only last year that I heard my mother “confess” this to me during a visit with her. Hearing that one line gave me a major convergence of realization to the benefit of my psyche and that allowed me more complete acceptance of how I was raised not to be myself! Astrologically I think this is portrayed with Saturn about four degrees in front of my natal sun.

the 4th –
More notes for the “Music Perspective”:

I’m recalling some of the music I enjoyed in the 60s that had some references to God/Jesus/Spirit or the like. One of the first songs is The Doobie Brothers’ version of “Jesus Is Just Alright”. There’s a few other songs that I will add later.[44] “‘Jesus Is Just Alright’ was one of a number of religiously themed songs to reach the U.S. charts between 1969 and 1973, along with ‘Spirit in the Sky’ by Norman Greenbaum, ‘Put Your Hand in the Hand’ by Ocean, ‘Superstar’ by Murray Head, ‘Morning Has Broken’ by Cat Stevens, ‘Jubilation’ by Paul Anka, ‘Speak to the Sky’ by Rick Springfield, ‘Jesus Was a Capricorn’ by Kris Kristofferson, and ‘I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)’ by Glen Campbell.”[37]

The 6th – (“Epiphany”[38])

“For the time being, it is true, my work is not bringing many visible, tangible results, but in fact I know that it is already bearing fruit.” – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[39]

The 8th –

“Solomon wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, which contains the best definition of astrology I have found anywhere (chapter 3): “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun. . . ”

The song “Turn, Turn, Turn” by “The Byrds” was released on December 6, 1965. (Dec. 6th is my beloved sister Linda Marie’s birthdate. This song was also a favorite of Linda’s.) “The lyrics, except for the title which is repeated throughout the song, and the final verse of the song, are adapted word-for-word from Chapter 3 of the Book of Ecclesiastes”[41]

What a way to learn scripture! Bible verses turned into lyrics and song by contemporary musicians. A number of churches included such in their church services. During my cycle in “The Church” we sang from a “supplement” to the Hymnal that was filed with popular tunes (including “Yellow Submarine”) that had lyrics rewritten. I have a housemate now who expressed interest in this supplement. I’m adding interest now to my intention to get the supplement so that we can sing these songs together! We can also include “Turn, Turn, Turn” even though that was not in our Church supplement. (That “omission” doesn’t matter now! We’ll supplement the supplement ; ~ )

February 4th, 2016 –

I found an exceptionally informative webpage on the progressed moon. Based on what I generated as my progressed chart my progressed moon is in the Balsamic Phase, in Scorpio and the Seventh House now.[42]

The 5th –

The Dark Pixie Astrologer mentioned the Asteroid Veritas (Latin for truth) and that inspired me to locate mine at 6 degrees Scorpio in my 1st House of Self. The Sabian Symbol is read at 7 degrees as follows.:


KEYNOTE: The will to explore the hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes.

This symbol essentially refers to depth psychology — a coming to terms with the collective Unconscious and its contents. This type of depth-plumbing adventure is basically different from the one symbolized by the gold rush, for it can take place within the individual and with no relation to social value. It refers symbolically to a quest for “under-standing” — i.e. for what lies under the surface waves of daily living. This quest may lead to great dangers. It demands a strong will and good breathing — i.e. a degree of spiritual strength. It usually challenges powers hidden in the depths of the unconscious.

The contrast between “deep-sea divers” and “men of the gold rush” is significant. It presents in an interesting manner the opposition between a first stage and second stage symbol in the five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. The inward quest opposes the outward search for the great social symbol, gold. It should lead to a DEPTH REALIZATION of the very roots of consciousness.[43]

Feb. 9th –

After visiting the website for “The Church in Chicago” earlier today and feeling some emotions stirring in me as I recall memories from 40 to 45 years ago I realize that my time in the Church Life was in large part the beginning of my healing process regarding my family of origin. The Church was another family for me: “God’s Family” and living with the Brothers and Sisters allowed me to have a new social reality that was other than the social reality of what I had grown up with for the previous 19 and a 1/2 years. The full account of history is at least one whole chapter in my biography and possibly a book in and of itself!

Later got inspired with identifying where my progressed Veritas is located now. I find it at 28 Scorpio 3 and looked up the corresponding Sabian Symbol at 29 degrees:

Scorpio 29°: An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children.

KEYNOTE: Love as a principle of redemption.

“Here the soul is presented as a mother whose sons (i.e. her active energies) have become disruptive forces in the collective life of the tribe. She seeks to counteract the karma of their misdeeds through her love and implorations. The soul is responsive to the experience of unity (the spiritual king or chief) but the energies of human nature often follow their self-seeking, divisive tendencies.
This is the fourth symbol of the forty-eighth sequence. It presents us with the value of prayer. The principle of wholeness in man — the soul — acts to offset or attenuate the dictates of karma. In a religious sense, Mary, the Mother, is seen as the Mediatrix, in constant acts of INTERCESSION for the sake of waylaid individuals.” [45]

What stands out the strongest for me in this symbol is “The principle of wholeness in man — the soul”. That is where the “healing process” (mentioned in the previous post today) takes place and what now stands out for me in review of my entire Church Life experience and that I now realize was a preparation for my family-of-origin healing.

Also in my search for the above Sabian Symbol by Dane Rudhyar I found:

Scorpio 29 – An umbilical cord.
“Definitely completely attached, but what you are attached to changes drastically. Each time it is to the source of sustenance. If at first a mother, womb, an elemental past, it can easily become later on a great teacher, a path, a journey. You are still thoroughly, personally hooked into the sweetness, the juice, the power. Yet as the levels shift, as the attunement deepens, you go from destructive enmeshment toward incredible openings. And as you learn to cut loose from each last thing and to move toward the next greater thing, you become adept in the rough process of inner soul work. You have an extraordinary aptitude for taking the most binding and heavy-duty circuits and moving into and through them, grasping hold of the guiding influence of ever-greater circles of allegiance. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude.”[46]

The last three lines speak directly to my learning and graduation beyond what can be expressed in terms of the conventional understanding of “salvation” in Christianity. The depth of my natal Veritas (at Sabian Symbol Scorpio 7 degrees) simply does not settle for anything less than a “Deep-Sea Dive” to “explore the hidden depths of all experiences”!

February 17th –

“Water is a materialization of the cosmic fluid that fills the whole of space. By means of thought it is possible to be in contact with this fluid and be purified by it, for if water cleanses us on a physical level, on the mental plane, it can do just the same.”[48]

My spiritual emergency in August 1971 is a chapter in my spiritual/healing biography. One of the things I remember early on inside the facility (that I had signed myself into at the time) is when I washed my face. I remember intending it to be a washing of my mind. I wasn’t thinking of any practice of spiritual initiates although I did think of “baptism” even though I only knew of baptism as a ritual that was performed in church for an infant. I just remember sincerely wishing to cleanse my mind of everything that had preceded me up to that point in time.

Sunday the 21st –

I started this blog on and regarding “Thursday is ruled by Jupiter”. Reviewing my natal chart I find Jupiter is square Uranus indicating (among other things) that communications is a perfect “career” choice for me. I think my Venus in Virgo supports that as well. And if Jupiter represents our guiding philosophy then part of my philosophy is “Communications is life” plus “dialogue is the new community”! Also “Jupiter is about having an outlook or belief system – something we can identify with or look forward to.”[49] I really look forward to communicating and most especially dialoguing with others!

March 22nd –

For most of my present incarnation I have wanted to know Truth, all the truths of Life, Self & Other, God, etc. My journey intensified during a nine month period with my first spiritual emergency starting in the Summer of 1970 and continuing through the Spring of 1971 when I entered “The Church”. The Church had “New Beginners” classes that included a essential three-fold perspective of man illustrated with three cocentric circles with the outer circle representing the physical body the next circle in representing the soul (with three parts of mind. emotions and will) and the inner most circle representing the human spirit. I went along with that at the time. Later with my introductions to Anthroposophy I appreciated an enlargement of that view. Over the last decade or so I’ve appreciated the perspective of Human Design in this regards. Now Omraam gives a perspective that I feel a wonderful validation with.:

“The fact is that there is no one theory of man which fully accounts for his extreme complexity, and it should not surprise us to learn that the different religions and philosophical schools of thought have all different notions of the structure of man.” (Omraam then makes references to about eight different examples.)

“So which system possesses the truth? All of them. It just depends on one’s point of view. We cannot reject any of them. … for the sake of convenience, I often divide man into two parts: the lower or personality and the higher nature or individuality, because this division makes it easier to understand certain problems. …”[50]

May 1st – Happy May Day!

I’m a healer. I appreciate Chiron as “the wounded healer”. Currently Chiron is in Pisces “forging on with Neptune asking us to believe that we can heal, to believe and perhaps let go…in order to receive.”[51]

Astrologer Carol Barbeau says: “One of my favorite sayings is ‘sometimes we have to let go of what we thought we wanted in order to have what we really do deserve, which is often more than we could have imagined’. … be ready to let go of what is not working and BRING in the brilliance of new ideas and new people and NEW joy in life. … Wish, hope, believe and DO the work necessary to make your life Grow. … Open up and … FLY into our own sources of self and higher power this month.”!

A couple hours earlier before I opened Carol’s email I noted “Sooner or later we will have to let go of everything. The more we let go the lighter our load will be.”

May 13th –

In the Destiny Card system we have what is known as Auspicious Years of various sorts including the Pinnacle Year that may occur twice in a lifetime! This is such a year for yours truly and I have been looking forward to it for a number of years! I had imagined it as a major graduation for me and now that I am in the midst of it I see it may very well be just that. I also imagined possibly moving onto a “sweeter” living situation than the one I currently have. I actually do not know about that at this time although I am open to the possibility. In any case I got to wondering: “what is the true nature of my current pinnacle year?” I realized by forming this question that I cold have the option of a potential Oracle Reading. I acted on that and gave myself a reading.

The “What” part is portrayed in the Sabian Symbol I got for Gemini 1 degree:


(Gemini 1° to Gemini 15°)

First Hemicycle: The Process of Individualization
Act 1: Differentiation


KEYNOTE: The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.

Within the relative security of a “boat,” an individual person can learn to be aware of the as yet hidden contents of man’s collective Unconscious — provided this boat (that is to say, his ego that separates him from the collective planetary psyche of mankind) has been given a glass bottom. The conscious mind must have become, in part at least, translucent. This translucency is not direct openness. The window of the mind remains closed, but through it the individual can become aware of the outside — here “outside” means the psychic depths below the normal level of consciousness.

At this first stage of the “discovery” process one can only speak of vision, not identification. The feeling is one of wonder. “I did not know this could exist! How beautiful)” or “How exciting!” A NEW DIMENSION OF REALITY is perceived by the earnest inquirer.

There “Whereto” is depicted at Sagittarius 1 degree:

Second Hemicycle: The Process of Collectivization
Act III: Group-Integration

(Sagittarius 1° to Sagittarius 15°)



KEYNOTE: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded.

Two important factors are revealed in this symbol: the men who have come together are Army men, and they are linked by actions and a type of consciousness that have roots in a common past. What we call “civilization” is built by constant struggles against nature, for it seeks to wrench power from nature. This element of power is seen in its most obvious aspect in the military consciousness. Moreover, all civilization is built upon the accumulated products of the experiences of past generations of dedicated men who agree to follow rather rigid procedures of work. Veterans’ groups in all countries seek to rekindle in their members the old fire of well-fought battles; but the type of abstract or religious thinking normally related to the zodiacal sign, Sagittarius, also implies a special kind of “fire.” It is a fire that burns the “now” of natural living in order to build a greater “tomorrow.” It is future-oriented It aspires to produce a greater, wider civilization, even though it finds its roots in the harvest of mankind’s past. Comradeship and group activities are implied, but the togetherness is one of fighting spirits.

This is the first stage of the forty-ninth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. The symbol should be understood in its widest and most basic meaning, not merely as the reunion of old comrades, but as referring to the very power implied in the process of civilization, as opposed to culture — thus to the PERPETUATION of the spirit of struggle for power.

The “How” follows at 1 degree Virgo:

Act II: Stabilization

(Virgo 1° to Virgo 15°)



KEYNOTE: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.

During the two preceding Scenes (Leo 29 and 30 degrees) the “feel” of energy at work has been the dominant feature of a consciousness still strongly ego-centered yet at times eagerly and devotionally reaching up to a realization of divine or cosmic order. Now we have come in the seasonal cycle of the year to the sign Virgo. It is in a sense the symbol of harvesting, but it is also that of the Path of discipleship, and of all strongly determined processes of training, or retraining. Flooded with and having enjoyed and released energy, the personalized consciousness now has to learn the lesson of significant form. It must be able to see life situations as wholes of experience, and to discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features.

This is the first stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of symbols and its Keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied in discrimination is both analysis and intuition. The mind separates and identifies — and unfortunately often exaggerates — what makes a person or a situation different from another; but the intuitive responses of the whole person to what confronts him or her is also essential, for what matters is not only my or your “difference,” but the place and function this difference occupies in the organic pattern of the evolution of “humanity as a whole,” i.e. of Man.

And finally the “Why” at Pisces 1 degree:

Act IV: Capitalization

Dane Rudhyar

(Pisces 1° to Pisces 15°)



KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.

In any twelve-fold division of a complete cycle (for instance the 12 zodiacal signs and the 12 Houses of a birth chart) the twelfth section often has been given a negative significance. It can refer to oppressive conditions as it represents a “closing of accounts,” a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle. A very bad harvest may lead to bankruptcy; a premature revolt may bring the rebel to jail; the dissolute may end in a hospital. In this section of the cycle a man reaps what he has sown. But it may also be honors, social prestige, the interests of well-managed wealth. In this twenty-fourth scene what is stressed is the coming together, in a final experience of community, of all factors previously experienced; this means constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity. In a practical sense, the symbol, whenever it is found, emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities to bargain and to trade.

This is the first stage of the process related to the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence of symbols. It refers to all that can be gained from social interplay and especially, in the broadest sense of the word, from COMMERCE.

The preceding and final “keynote” is the creme de la creme for all I could wish for from in a “Pinnacle Year”. I wish to embrace the spirit and soul of this deeply into my heart!

Just submitted the following as a comment to an article on the addiction of religion.[52]

I appreciate these conversations in response to the article!

I see religion in context to consciousness and consciousness is not necessarily logical. According to Gene Keys author Richard Rudd we all have a unique configuration of geniusness encoded within our holographic human design. We don’t really need to have perfect agreement with one another to live in harmony with our design. I naturally did not realize this forty some years ago when I was in “The Church” and consequently was subject to the conditioning elements that had been established in my life that had started since at least the day I was born if not before.

We are all conditioned. Many of us have been conditioned by religion. Whether or not religion is or can be an addiction is possibly a mute point in light of the universal conditioning field that exists on this planet! However, it appears that religion often underscores the impact of conditioning. At least I found that to be true for me.

The conditioning of “authority” was probably my biggest issue. Fortunately I woke up to the dysfunctional behavior that I had continued allowing in my life even though I had left the original severe authoritarian conditioning field of my birth father. My internalized conditioning continued! Then four years later in “The Church” I got to have an experience of hell by acquiescing to the appearance of church “authority” even though it was truly my own conditioning that I was following. I am grateful I experienced 30 days of institutionalized hell because when I did get out I promised myself I would never allow anyone to “lord it over me” ever again! That was the first day of my greater freedom, not necessarily from “religion” but more so from the conditioning fields that exist in family/tribes and throughout the collective society. I eventually did leave the Church yet it was a serendipitous departure of a new door opening to a new chapter in my life!

May 17th –

Just completed another Oracle reading that I am amazed fits right next to that of the preceding reading! My inquiry was: “What is the true nature of my relationship with D.M. (my birth mother)?”


(First Hemicycle: The Process of Individualization – Act II: Stabilization – SCENE TEN: RELEASE – THIRD LEVEL: INDIVIDUAL/MENTAL)


KEYNOTE: The realization by the individual that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably to be shared with all men.

“Coming as it does as the end of this tenth scene and linked with the last degree of the zodiacal sign, Leo, this symbol seems at first quite puzzling; when it has been thought of as an isolated symbol, its essential meaning has not been apparent. The fact that a letter is unsealed does not imply a trust that other people will not read its contents, but rather the idea that the contents are for all men to read. The letter contains a public message in the sense that when man has reached the stage of true mental repolarization and development — which we see in the very first symbol for Leo — he has actually become a participant in the One Mind of humanity. Nothing can really be hidden, except superficially and for a brief time. What any man thinks and deeply realizes becomes the property of all men. Nothing is more senseless than possessiveness in the realm of ideas. If God speaks to a man, Man hears the word. Nothing can remain permanently ‘sealed.’

As this thirtieth sequence of five symbols ends, it is made clear to us, and particularly to the inherently proud Leo type, that all that takes form within the mind of a man belongs to all men. Communication and SHARING must always prevail over the will to glorify oneself by claiming sole possession of ideas and information.”

I had shared the (email) “communication” that I had received from “D” this afternoon with a friend and told him that I intended to do a reading before responding to that email. My friend asked me about the communicative nature of the relationship. I responded saying that it has always been a challenge for me. Even when I very consciously choose to “Not Take Anything Personal” (as per my “Second Agreement” that I applied after my reading of D’s email) it left me with a fundamental question that I then formed into my Oracle inquiry. I am truly grateful that I can form “questions” and that when I apply these to the Oracle readings I’ve found that they support me in deeper contemplation of the truth of self, life and others!

“Where To”:


KEYNOTE: The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.

Dane Rudhyar: “The originally recorded Sabian symbol stated: ‘The field of Ardath in bloom,’ which referred to a scene in an occult novel by Marie Corelli centering upon ancient Babylon. The reference may well have been a ‘blind’ inasmuch as Marc Jones has stressed his inner contact with a Brotherhood with Babylonian (or ‘Sabian’) roots. A spiritual Brotherhood constitutes a state of ‘multi-unity’ — i.e. a multiplicity of individuals, if one thinks of the paths they trod to reach their final metamorphosis, but a unity of consciousness and ‘Soul’ —thus unanimity (‘anima’ meaning Soul). In this spiritual Whole each unit is a recognizable ‘form’ or entity if one looks at it with the eyes of personality; but when seen through a unified spiritual vision or from a distance, the Whole appears to be one single area of radiant light. Similarly, when studied by the modern physicist, light can be apprehended either as a stream of identifiable particles (photons) or as one continuous wave. Whether it is seen as one or the other depends on the point of view.

This is the last and culminating symbol of Scene Twenty-two of the cyclic ritual. This is indeed a fitting symbol, as the number 22 symbolizes all forms of mastery. At any level, it is a symbol of spiritual group fulfillment — of CONSCIOUS TOTALITY OF BEING.”

This coming into “contact with higher forms of existence” has been such a deep and long-standing impulse in my life that I wonder whether the “Magnetic Monopole” referred to in the Human Design System has an astrological activation associated with it? I want to research that now!

May 20th –

After meeting with my “fellow gardeners” I very soon got into a lesson from “A Course in Miracles”(ACIM) that I then found was immediately applicable to the three + hour meeting I had just participated in (during which I found myself challenged in a number of ways and questioned very early on whether this was a meeting that I really needed to attend).

In “the lesson” I thought of my mother and was inspired to make note of the following paragraph as an example of something I could possibly share with her; being that in my most recent email to her I had asked if she still “believed in Jesus”.[54]:

“What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good? Perhaps you have misunderstood His plan, for He would never offer pain to you. But your defenses did not let you see His loving blessing shine in every step you ever took. While you made plans for death, He led you gently to eternal life.”[53]

the 22nd –

I have been feeling this more intensely tonight (apparently with the full moon and with Mercury still retrograde)!:

“The human soul is a minute part of the universal Soul, and it feels so limited, so confined in the physical body that its greatest wish is to spread out into infinite space and merge with it….”[55]

Then the intensity greatly lessened after I got into contemplating the whole entire “Thought”! This underscores the importance of nourishing ourselves with “spiritual bread”.

July 7th, 2016 –

Omraam’s teaching on the choice to follow a spiritual path validates my own experience. “By accepting a spiritual teaching, the poor do not become rich, the ignorant wise, the ill healthy or the weak strong, and those who are despised and unrecognized do not receive honours and glory. There – you have been warned. And you might even feel much worse than before. Why? Because the new life beginning to move in you sees cleansing as a priority – and what an upheaval that creates!”[56]

When “the new life” began to move in me one of my very first impulses was that of cleansing. I am all the more grateful now to realize this “priority” of this impulse!

July 10th –

More on “Tommy” (as mentioned on January 1st, 2016 – Note for the “Music Perspective”)

Got inspired this past day to search Tommy+numerology. The name Tommy begins with the letter “T” which is a 2 in numerology.[57] I think 2 is the best first letter number for the name of the archetypal character that was created by Pete Townshend[58]

July 13th –

More Sabian Symbols:

I’m continually amazed to discover more of the Sabian Symbols correlated with the planetary activations in my natal chart. In the process of sharing my info with a new friend/acquaintance regarding the placement of Neptune a “fellow gardener” I then checked the Sabian Symbol for that placement whereupon I saw my note that the same symbol corresponded with my Ascendant. Well I had to verify that before telling stories about it to others and in doing that I saw a reliable reference indicating my ascendant was actually at a higher degree giving me a different symbol as follows!:


KEYNOTE: Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity.

In his early course, “Symbolical Astrology,” Marc Jones sought to concretize this abstract image by speaking of “machinery parts, new and circular.” It is far better, however, to face the image in its most general sense, as he himself did later on. It is because everyday activities, whether in the home or in business, inevitably tend to repeat themselves in circular fashion that it is necessary for the individual to have rest times during which he can be released from repetitive patterns. It is only when the individual has become fully attuned to, and in a sense identified with the vast planetary and cosmic rhythms of the universe, and thus free from emotional and group tensions, that he can act serenely and at peace along “circular paths.”

At this last stage of the thirty-ninth sequence of five symbols we find an abstract image which can be interpreted in a positive or negative manner. We deal with repetitive activity; but that activity may either bind or free the consciousness of the actor. It can mean BOREDOM or TRANSPERSONAL PEACE in action.[59]

This symbol holds great meaning for me! Firstly as my own personal “Soul Sign” which happens to be an “identical twin” mirroring my Six of Hearts – Planetary Ruler Card in the Destiny Card System. Secondly – this symbol is the last of fifteen scenes that began with Libra 1 degree where I have my natal Sun placement! I also have Saturn at Libra 4 with the symbol read at 5 degrees. I’m enthralled!

July 24th, 2016 –

Ditto my July 25th, 2015 post above here! Now finding deeper meaning with Vesta! “Vesta in Fiery Leo is the Queen/Priestess/willing to give all for love and heart connection. This Vesta carries creativity, passion, power and a strong willfulness within its sacred energy. Vesta in Leo is proud and gives from the heart and soul …”[60]

27th –

“Wednesday, July 27, 2016:

At 3:44 AM EDT, Mercury, the planet of our minds and thinking, forms a trine aspect to Uranus. …

When Mercury and Uranus come together, we want to keep our eyes open for sudden awareness, unusual communications, or profound unexpected light bulb moments. The cycle between Mercury and Uranus began at the end of March 2016. What began at that time that is now resulting in the sudden surprising awareness? Continue to open your mind to new ideas and ways of being in this world. Change can come suddenly.”[61]

I’m having a direct experience of this aspect right now with an email correspondence that could lead to my supporting another individual with “new ideas and ways of being in this world.”

August 1st, 2016 –

Astrological “Midpoints” has opened a whole new perspective on reading natal charts!

Following is an example interpretation on midpoints with my natal Chiron:

“Planets activating the Chiron/Midheaven midpoint

Principle: The need to be receptive to messages coming in from the universe. One’s career needs to involved giving unconditional love to others. Any career in which one is not contributing to positively changing the world will tend to bring one misery and frustration. The need to not be attached to ones reputation in the world, to not be concerned if it is negative, and to not be too intent on trying to keep it positive.

The need to recognize oneself as a spiritual authority, and to use that authority positively by helping others to grow in consciousness.

Process: The giving up of all defenses that prevent one’s connection to the spiritual realms. The giving and receiving of parenting that is deeply healing. The ability to allow oneself to be parented by spiritual forces.

Chiron/Midheaven midpoint activated by Sun
One’s sense of self-importance is based on one’s career and place in the world. When this is expressed with selfishness and pettiness suffering is the result. When one sees one’s career ultimately as a healer and sharer of spiritual energies (no matter what the actual worldly career may be) one fulfills one’s purpose in life and is a bringer of light.”[62]

August 2nd –

Astrological aspects – astrologer Donna Cunningham says “the stimulus of a square or two is energizing.”[63] I see twelve squares in my natal chart. And since I was born in the year of the rabbit I guess that makes me the “energizer bunny”!

August 5th –

I’m surprised I apparently have not mentioned my connection with Biodynamic Agriculture in this biographical Blog. In 1990 I became a student at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California and started an informal “meet up” group for fellow students and friends who were interested in the idea of a Biodynamic farm based intentional community. It wasn’t until October of 1999 when I attended my first Biodynamic Conference in Spring Valley, New York. I went to the conference directly from an extended visit at Sally Fallon’s home in Washington DC (not long after preparing the first Sunday Brunch with a Nourishing Traditions menu for the founding Board Members (and spouces) of the Weston A. Price Foundation).

I could return with some of my notes about the conference.

The 12th –

In the light of a biographical memory that flashed into my awareness while reading the following quote of Omraam:

“Wearing symbolic objects or religious emblems can be useful and beneficial, but only if certain conditions are fulfilled. First you must make sure you wear only those symbols whose meaning is known to you. Each symbol is as it were a sign by which nature spirits recognize you, and even if humans do not know what they mean, the spirits certainly do. Symbols always relate to entities, and everyone who makes use of them comes into contact with these entities and makes contracts with them that can cost very dear.”[64]

Up until about August of 1970 I had identified with “the Christian cross” yet had absolutely no awareness of coming “into contact with … entities and mak(ing) contracts with them”! I hadn’t thought about this at all before now and suddenly wonder whether letting go of this “symbolic object… or religious emblem” did “cost” me. I think it could be explored. I certainly had crossed a threshold between my departure from the Episcopal Church religion and my entrance into “The Church in Chicago”!

August 29 –

Transiting Pluto!
I have Pluto transits that will pretty much guarantee deep changes and I am looking forward to the end results!

“Transiting Pluto brings intensity and focus to our lives. Pluto breaks through illusions, in search of the utter truth. These are not Saturn truths, when we see things for what they are in a mundane or material sense. Pluto probes much deeper, shining light on our darkness. Transiting Pluto offers us the chance to evolve and to rebirth. Pluto acts to strip away what is unnecessary or superficial in our lives. Pluto wants deep experience, of the transformational kind. Things that are not working for us, whether they are thought processes or lifestyles, undergo a transformation. Pluto transits bring about rebirths of sorts in the areas of life affected. Pluto transits are about letting go of things that are holding us back from deep and meaningful experience.”[65]

August 30, 2016 –

My Natal Jupiter:

“People who have their natal Jupiter in the 6th house actually love to work. Through working, they gain deep satisfaction and gratify themselves; it is their way of philosophical evolution. For them, it is very easy to find a new job and Jupiter usually gives a lot of them. Such a native will not be left unemployed for long; when he applies for a new position he will be granted it earlier than all the rest. Actually, the reason of him changing jobs might be only to find something better or to try experiencing a new position or work type.”[68]

Finally have a positive acknowledgment on the “lot of” my “changing jobs” and now this feels good!

September 15th –

Got inspired from one of my main subscriptions (with an announcement of a new film) to search the birthday of the “star”.

A Birthday of June 21st gives the
“star” the Nine of Clubs:

The 9 of Clubs is known as “The Universal Knowledge Card” in Robert Camp’s “Love Cards”.

“This is a card of expanded consciousness. Those who have this Birth Card experience revelations about life and the truth behind what is going on here on Earth that few other cards do.

Though this is a card of expanded consciousness, it is also a card of negative thinking. These people must let go of many negative mental patterns accumulated from past lives if they are to access the inherent power in this card. There are many who do and who have reached the very heights of recognition through their work of giving knowledge to the world.

The Nine of Clubs is here to end a major cycle in their soul’s development, a completion that should see them giving their wealth of knowledge to the world. There are some debts to be paid, but once these debts are paid, they can proceed with their cosmic task of enlightening the world.”

Also “The 9 of Clubs is known as the ‘Adventurer’s Card’. They like to gamble and are always willing to take a chance. They are intensely curious and when they apply their adventurous spirit to the field of knowledge, they are capable of making profound discoveries that can benefit others on a universal scale.”

I have this as my Neptune Card in my Life Spread under my Incarnation Card of the Five of Clubs. Neptune is the “Divine Dreamer”, “Divine Inspiration”, the planet of Enlightenment that inspires us to transcend ordinary reality and commune directly with the Divine. It is also the dissolution of the old structures both personal and social. Therefore the 9 of clubs is very harmonious as the Neptune Card! The only exception I see is that I’m no longer into gambling and not willing to take chances (as I have in the past) and therefore am not planning on reaching the “heights of recognition” (at least not too high ; ~ ).


September 20th, 2016 –

Just now discovered the astrological influence/s corresponding to my extended journey of  death and rebirth between Summer of 1970 through 1971. The major influence was headed up by Mr. Transformation himself: transiting Pluto conjunct my natal 12th House Sun along with leading cohort transiting Uranus conjunct 12th House Saturn and AC as well as transiting Wounded Healer Chiron at DC (not to mention transiting Saturn sextile natal Saturn)! I’m virtually exhausted just tracking all this through the Ephemeris!


October  17, 2016 –

I’m learning about the astroid Hygeia in my natal chart. “Hygeia governs sanitation, hygiene, ecology, preservation, discovery of vaccines, medical and alternative health organizations, fitness and exercise, places of meditation and recovery and all venues that recognize the link between mind, body and spirit. Hygeia is also associated with physical, mental and chemical imbalances.”[69]


[1] Zeno – The Course in Human Design v.2 page 59.

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[3] VerDarLuz CelestiOwl











I originally used “essentials of autobiography” as my search terms and that gave me two search results! I’m glad I had the idea of using these terms as “dialogue and reflection” speaks volumes to me! If “dialogue” can also be considered as a “complicated conversation with oneself (as a ‘private’ intellectual)[15] then I can see the “essentials of autobiography” pursued in a series of dyads! Anyone who knows me can probably understand how delighted I may be about the thought of that! ; ~ ) Wow – autobiographical dyads, what a concept! Come to think of it I recall having had some experience of this in my very first enlightenment intensive! The “reflections” that emerged at that time included apocalyptic themes that I related to my experience in “The Church”. My seven-year Church-life cycle could be one one entire autobiographical dyad series (ADS)[32].













[27] “There is not merely one conception of the world that can be defended, or justified, but there are twelve. And one must admit that just as many good reasons can be adduced for each and all of them as for any particular one. The world cannot be rightly considered from the one-sided standpoint of one single conception, one single mode of thought; the world discloses itself only to someone who knows that one must look at it from all sides.

Just as the sun — if we go by the Copernican conception of the universe — passes through the signs of the Zodiac in order to illuminate the earth from twelve different points, so we must not adopt one standpoint, the standpoint of Idealism, or Sensationalism, or Phenomenalism, or any other conception of the world with a name of this kind; we must be in a position to go all round the world and accustom ourselves to the twelve different standpoints from which it can be contemplated.

In terms of thought, all twelve standpoints are fully justifiable. For a thinker who can penetrate into the nature of thought, there is not one single conception of the world, but twelve that can be equally justified — so far justified as to permit of equally good reasons being thought out for each of them. There are twelve such justified conceptions of the world.”

– See more at:


(See: “Being a contributor…more important than being a hero” at about one third down the page.)




[32] The “autobiographical dyad series” (ADS) and the twelve perspectives (for a most wholistic autobiography) can be coined as ADS-12 or 12-ADS. (All I need now is a recording device with dragon speak (or the like) for the transcription.)












[44] Blind Faith – “Presence Of The Lord” by Eric Clapton:

Comment by notfragile33 at:

Question I’ve always had is: Why hasn’t this song ever been covered by a Christian artist? Why isn’t it sung in churches? There is nothing unbiblical about this song at all, compared to others of the era that had questionable lyrics, such as “Spirit In the Sky”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “My Sweet Lord”, and “Jesus is Just Alright”. This one is sincere, and I believe, divinely inspired.

More @ You Tube:

[45] /An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Scorpio%2016-30.htm



Note that Curezone censored the above url because of the last word. Therefore you will need to replace the second “l” with an “i” to get to the page that I have linked)



Pages 10-11 Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures.
with the book’s excerpt linked from:




[54] In the most recent correspondence I referred to a statement she had made I believe around the time that her younger daughter had crossed the threshold. She said: “I still believe in Jesus”. It came to me a number of times since then to ask her what that means to her. I finally was inspired to ask her. If she responds I could possibly refer to the ACIM lesson. I am not making any assumptions about this!













[67] ibid



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